Saturday 6 October 2012

Last Chance to Win!

Thanks to everyone who participated in my Launch Day Contest #3 on Twitter!

The winner is: Louise Cole! (No relation. If she is, it's prior to 1570!) Congratulations, Louise! You've won a free copy of How to Cook Up a Disaster!

Unfortunately, we did not get to 75 Likes on my Facebook page, so I won't be giving away the $25 gift card. BUT I will be doing another draw later tonight for one last chance to win a free copy of How to Cook Up a Disaster. Just Like my Facebook author page! If you missed out before, now's your chance!


Her mother is in labour.
The guests are due to arrive any minute for her great-grandfather's 100th birthday party.
And she hasn't a clue how to cook a turkey.
Why did the man of her dreams have to show up on her doorstep now?
Sadie Dawson is overwhelmed--and that's putting it lightly--but with the help of her two best friends she just might pull it off and land Mr. Right too.

Thursday 4 October 2012

Launch Day Contest #3!

With all these contests and giveaways, I probably should've called this Launch Week!

So, up for grabs is yet another copy of How to Cook Up a Disaster! If you missed out on the other contests, now's your chance!

All you have to do is Follow me on Twitter (if you aren't already) and retweet this line to be entered into the draw:

RT to #win a #Kindle #ebook! @rachel_e_cole 1 turkey dinner 1 wacky family 1 hottie fireman What could go wrong?

Also, the $25 Amazon gift card is still up for grabs if I get to 75 Likes on my Facebook Page by Friday! You know you Like me!
Happy tweeting!

Wednesday 3 October 2012

And the winner is...

Thank you everyone who participated in my Launch Day Contest #2, yesterday. I have to say, those were quite the dinner disaster stories.
Now I bet you're all eager to know who the winner is. Well, you'll be happy to know, there will be TWO winners for this contest! One for best dinner disaster story. And one from the draw. See, when I set up this contest yesterday, I was planning to pick a winner simply by doing a draw (like I did for my Facebook contest), but after reading some of these fabulously disastrous dinner stories, I decided I simply had to award a prize for worst dinner disaster story, too!

So without further ado, the winner of the draw is . . . *shakes hat full of names*

Liz Penney!

And now the winner of the best worst dinner disaster story is . . .

H. Pinski!

Congratulations! You've both won a free copy of How to Cook Up a Disaster! Step right up and claim your prize! (Okay, email me and I'll send it to you! ;) )

Thanks everyone for participating in my fun Launch Day Contests! Watch this blog (and my Twitter feed and Facebook Page) for details on another contest coming up tomorrow!

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Launch Day Contest #2!

If you missed out on the Facebook giveway yesterday, you're still in luck! I'm doing another giveaway today right here through my blog. Tell me about the worst dinner disaster you've ever had in the comments below and you could win a free copy of How to Cook Up a Disaster! (Deadline: tonight at 11:59 pm Pacific Time)

Also, the $25 Amazon gift card is still up for grabs! If I get 75 likes to my Facebook page by Friday, one of my lucky Facebook fans will win it!

My dinner disasters have fortunately been fairly minor, but here are a couple almost-disasters I've had:

I was making roast beef dinner and discovered the potatoes in the pantry had grown roots and gone mouldy and were completely inedible. I didn't have a car at that time, so couldn't run to the store to buy more, so I ended up asking our guests to bring some with them! Another time I dumped an entire bowl of stuffing onto the floor while trying to stuff the turkey. This time I did have a car and was able to run out to the store and buy more bread crumbs. Still, dinner was more than a little late that night.

Like I said, pretty minor. I got nothing on poor Sadie. ;)

Monday 1 October 2012

Launch Day Contest!

Tomorrow, October 2nd, is launch day for How to Cook Up a Disaster!

And to celebrate, I'm holding a contest!

Up for grabs is a free copy of How to Cook Up a Disaster! BUT only if I get 50 likes for my Facebook fan page. That's only ONE more likes and one of my lucky readers can win a free copy of my new chick-lit/romantic comedy novelette! BUT WAIT! There's more! If I get 75 likes, I'll be giving away a $25 Amazon gift card! So tell your friends, tell your family, tell everyone to like my page and get a chance to win a free book or a free gift card!