Tuesday 9 January 2018

The Rabbit Ate My Hall Pass Sneak Peek

Read on for a super sneak peek of The Rabbit Ate My Hall Pass, book 3 of The Rabbit Ate My . . . Series!

Chapter One


I am studying the half-empty shelf of lunch kits in the school supply aisle at Douglas Bay Drug Mart, trying to decide which one seems the least babyish, when my annoying little sister shrieks behind me.

“Drew! Drew! Look!” Libby says.

I turn around. “What?”

“Doesn’t this look just like Tiny when he was a baby?” She holds up a pencil box with a picture of a bunch of baby animals on the lid. One of them is a caramel coloured rabbit with long ears.

“Kinda,” I say with a shrug. Of course it does, but I don’t want to admit that to her.

“I can get it right, Mommy?” Libby grins up at Mom, giving her the same look she always gives me just before she asks me to do something I just know is going to get us both into a ton of trouble.

“Well, I suppose,” Mom says. “Your old one is looking a bit worn.”

Libby positively beams. She looks like she’s just won a life’s supply of chocolate. “Drew, you should get one, too.”

“I don’t need a pencil box,” I say. As if I’d get a pencil box covered in baby animals anyway, even if one of them does look like Tiny. “I’m starting middle school, remember?” Just saying the words “middle school” puts a giant knot in my stomach. I’m both excited and terrified at the idea of going into grade seven. It doesn’t help that Sam, the girl I met while camping with my grandparents this summer, gave me a bunch of advice about middle school and now I’m more nervous than ever.

“Whatever you do, don’t lose your timetable.”

“Get an upper locker if you can.”

“Don’t get on the vice principal’s bad side.”

“Steer clear of drama.”

I almost wish I’d flunked grade six. But then I’d be stuck in elementary school with my little sister while my friends, Quentin and Tabitha, started middle school without me.