Monday, 16 February 2015

The "Bad" Picture Book Blog Hop

Today I am taking part in Dani Duck's "Bad" Picture Book Blog Hop where authors are posting pics of their early attempts at writing children's books. Here are links to the previous posts:

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Now it's my turn to share my "bad" first attempt at writing a picture book. I was in grade two and seven years old when I wrote this masterpiece. I couldn't tell you now what inspired the story, but I had decided I wanted to write a book, so I sat down with a cracker box, some paper, and tape and made myself a book. Then, once my book was assembled, I set to work on the story. This is not the best way to write a book as you'll see why later.

The House in Backword Town

[Author's note: I think that car may need an oil change.]

Dedication (inside cover):
for Mrs. Richards
[Author's note: I neglected to include a title page, copyright page, or even my author name anywhere on this book, but I remembered to dedicate it to my teacher!]
The first page reads:
Once upon a time there was a town call Backward town. in the town was a house a lonely house named Robert. Robert was a rightside up house. No one lived in him.
[Author's note: I couldn't think of a name for my house, so I asked my dad. He said, "Robert." I'd been hoping for something a little more creative, like Higginsbottom or Ruprecht (not that I'd thought of either of those at the time) but I couldn't very well tell him I didn't like his name, so Robert it was!]

The second page:
One day a family moved in Robert. Robert was excited when the family moved in. they liked him very much. And of course there was a little girl and a little boy and of course there was a mother and father. and a cat.
[Author's note: Check out that upside down dog and cat!]

Third page:
One day The Two children went to the park. The plants were upside down. They Liked It so much They allwase went to the park.
[Author's note: Because watching upside down plants grow is fun?]

Fourth page:
One day it began to snow The kids Loved it so much. when They had to go to There granny's They didn't want to go.
[Author's note: Not sure why they liked yellow snow so much?]

Last page (and here's where binding your own book before writing it becomes a problem):
One day the little girl got sick. Robert was sad when she got sick he hoped she would be well soon.
[Author's note: At this point I ran out of room and the story remained unfinished for many, many years. Then one day when I was in grade five or six, I wrote an ending (a very squished one, at that!).]
this was sad to everybody in the family. after a few day's later the girl got well. Then everybody was happy.
The End
I hope you enjoyed my "bad" picture book. Look for the next in the series here:
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  1. That book is precious!!! I admit to laughing at the yellow snow. :)

    1. Thanks, Becky! It just struck me as funny that I'd drawn yellow snow! :)

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